Facebook sued more than allegations it sidestepped Apple’s privateness protections to gather user info

Adella Miesner

The Facebook app revealed on a smartphone. Two Fb customers are suing the social media platform’s mother or father company, Meta Platforms Inc., for allegedly skirting all-around Apple’s privacy protections and accumulating person data by means of in-app browsers. The proposed class-motion complaint filed Wednesday in San Francisco federal courtroom comes after […]

12 Facebook Marketing Tools to Help You Scale

Adella Miesner

Don’t sleep on your Facebook marketing tools. Fact: a staggering 71% of social consumers anticipate using Facebook within the next 12 months. Translation? Facebook isn’t going anywhere for marketers. But as the largest and most popular social network, picking tools for Facebook can be tricky. Since the platform’s been around […]

Marketing Di Facebook

Noble Horvath

Borrowed from Latin oeconomia , from Historic Greek οἰκονομία (oikonomía, management of a household, administration”), from οἶκος (oîkos, home”) + νέμω (némō, distribute, allocate”) (floor evaluation eco- +‎ -nomy ). The primary recorded sense of the phrase economic system, found in a piece possibly composed in 1440, is the management […]